Through painting I am able to express my deep appreciation for life on a personal level.  Both human relationships and nature awaken my drive to paint.

Before immigrating to Israel with my husband and five children in 2003, I worked mostly in watercolor, communicating my love of the natural world with a focus on landscape and still life.  In Israel, I began my exploration with oil paints and found that I could push new boundaries with the depth, wide array of color variations and the meaty texture of oils.  I was soon compelled to include the human figure in my work.  Inserting humanity into my repertoire was a natural evolution because of how deeply I am moved by the beauty of the human form and spirit.


I had the opportunity to study with exceptional artists in Toronto (Toronto School of Art), Washington, DC (Washington Studio School) and Israel (Hatachana) whom have helped me to develop my skills and my own personal language through my work.  My ongoing teachers include the masters including Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Vermeer and Vuillard, to name a few.
My works have been exhibited in Washington DC and Israel and can be found in private collections throughout the US, Canada and Israel.

For further inquiries regarding details, pricing or commissions please contact me through this site.